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Dr. Ray McAllister, Professor Emeritus


This is a good layman's account of the equipment and procedures for underwater shipwreck salvage, applicable both to the underwater archaeologist and the treasure hunter, although the latter are a dying breed."

- Dr. Ray McAllister, Professor Emeritus, Ocean Engineering Florida Atlantic University, Department of Ocean Engineering Boca Raton, Florida

Jack Fisher 


"I found “Treasure Diving with Captain Dom” to be a very interesting and entertaining book. The author takes you through some of the history behind the ships and shipwrecks, describes in plain language, vessel types and the kinds of cargos, explains how the wreck hunter performs his research, and the tools he uses to find them. The book is an easy read with large print and lots of photos, including many underwater shots. This book will be enjoyed by adventurers of all ages!"

-Jack Fisher President, JW Fishers Mfg

Janet Warford


This year, diver Yvonne Addario reported recovering over 500 coins from a 1600's shipwreck in Jupiter, Florida. In her latest book, she shares the experience in an effort to draw younger undersea explorers to begin the quest for sunken treasure. "Now more than ever, explorers need to know and understand that they can indeed find and recover their own treasures." Addario writes. A certified scuba diver alongside her husband, Captain Dominic Addario, Yvonne has been diving into the rock quarries of ... read more by clicking on the Lost Treasure Link above.

- Janet Warford - Perry Lost Treasure Publication

Avery Woodard


"The thrill of a treasure hunt! I found this book to be an eye-opener to the world of undersea exploration and treasure hunting in Florida waters. Captain Dom and his author wife Yvonne Addario have written a very informative "how to" treasure dive book. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book!"

 - Alexis, Graduate of Texas A &M's Oceanography - University of Texas

Linda Morelli


You can “Set out in plain language, the book will have a broad audience, especially young people. The font ("large print") makes it easy to read and appealing to young and old alike. Captain Dom inspires the dreamers in all of us."

- Linda Morelli, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

C. D. Morgan


"This book explains the basics of treasure diving through the experience of a modern day pioneer who found treasure off the coast of Florida. His love of the sea and history brought him good fortune, but more importantly, a productive quest for innovative techniques so that others can enjoy treasure hunting. After reading this book, I feel that it is possible for anyone to stumble upon their own little piece of treasure--be it historic, a natural phenomenon, or gold coins. I moved to Florida three years ago, and have grown to love the ocean. I have taken up fishing, boating, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, and now look forward to dive lessons this summer. This is the only book that I have found that explains in easy terms the basics and background for treasure diving. My husband and I are excited to begin exploration. What an inspiration!"

- C. D. Morgan (Marco Island, FL)
5.0 out of 5 stars I love this book!, April 20, 2008



"Personally I think the Second Edition of Treasure Diving With Captain Dom - Special Archival Section has more for your money in content. Both first and second editions are well written in easy to understand language. I found both books very informative with beautiful color photos. The glossy stock which is used in the second edition as opposed to the mat finish paper stock used in the first edition are more vivid and clearly printed on . The second edition has 4 more pages and is priced more moderately. All and all, the second edition is a better value. Treasure Diving With Captain Dom is a wonderful book for both young and old alike. Captain Dom inspires all of us to follow our dreams."

Lexy "book maven" Texas
5.0 out of 5 stars September 25, 2007